Monday, April 9, 2018

Choosing a Legitimate Party Rental Company

Lots of people have been advertising party rental on Facebook and Craigslist for discounted rates. While some of these posting are legit, many are not. Here are a few things you should always ask for and why before deciding on a company to partner with for your child’s party.

1.       Ask for proof of insurance. Not only does the state require a minimum of 2 million dollar general liability insurance policy for renting inflatables. Just the fact that a company has taken the steps to acquire business insurance proves several things about the company.

·         They are a legitimate company. Every week, we have several people call us frantic because the person they decided to use either cancelled on them or didn’t even show up last minute. While we try to help everyone that calls us, last minute reservations can be difficult to fit in our busy schedule. This holds true for most legitimate party rental companies. So scheduling with someone last minute may be difficult to find if the one you used turns out to be unreliable.

·         They have your best interests in mind, it’s not always just about the $$$. It is very expensive to have insurance in this industry. Companies that pay these high premiums are doing it to protect themselves, their customers, and also comply with all the states requirements. Companies that do not, it’s always about the money. They usually will not have a web site or show an address. If they get any bad reviews they can just start a new Facebook page and continue without any problems. You will never see them again.  

2.       Ask to see the inspection certificate for the inflatable you’re interested in. The state also requires inflatables to be inspected annually. A licensed inspector will inspect each inflatable for any unsafe conditions. If it passes, the inspection report is sent to the insurance company to verify that specific inflatable is on the company’s policy. Once verified, the inspection report is then sent to the state where an inspection certificate is issued and mailed to the company for their records. This process is expensive and time consuming but it ensures the company is renting out safe equipment.

3.       Ask them if they have a website. What is their mailing address or business name? People with just a Facebook page and phone number can easily disappear if things go bad. They are renting this equipment illegally and can be caught and shut down by the state any time. Or if they receive a bad review they just move on to another page.
Just asking for those items before you decide on who to use can save your party from disaster. While we all love to save money, lots of times that savings can come at a cost. And the savings really isn’t that much of you check your options.

Would you leave your child at a day care that is uninsured to save a few bucks? Do you feel comfortable trusting some one that will not advertise or give you their address, or only give a cell number which can easily be changed. Remember, you are paying these people and inviting them to your house which are operating illegally. Do you really trust these people around your family? Be safe, and be smart when you hire someone to come to your home. Hire someone you can easily find if something were to go wrong. Hire a company that properly screens and trains their employees.

We hope you find this information helpful. And above all, we hope you have a smooth and stress free event!  


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